Zeus Crypter

Zeus Crypter 100% FUD

Zeus Crypter is very simple and very effective crypter which work for all kind of virus botnet rat trojan stealr and keylogger


Melt Output
P2P spread
Visit Website
Record Used setting
Preverse EOF data
Execution Delay
Remove Padding
Hide Files
Read Only
Add to Start Up
Scr File
Come File
Batch File
PIF file
Anti Bitdefender
Anti Olly DBG
Anti Sandboxie
Anti Malware
Anti AVG
Anti SpyBot
Anti Task Manager
Anti Wireshark
Anti Hijack This

Anti Virtual PC
Anti Threat Expert
Block Sites
Assembly Editor
Hex Viewr
Script Compiler
Error MEssage


jabber: russianhackerclub@jabber.ru




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